Do you like Skyrim? Why/why not?

Yes and no, yi hla shavish.

On the one hand I have a lot more freedom to do as I please here. Nords are not the most observant of people, so my life style is much more relaxed. Nords are also particularly susceptible to my vocal talents and it is easy enough to get them to do as I please. They are a straightforward people, so it is also easy to know what they want and need. Having or being what someone wants can get you far in this world. It makes my life much less complicated as a result.

On the other hand, much of Nord custom is distasteful to me. I am all for drinking to excess when there is call to do so, but the only reason seems to be to dull their nerves for fighting, and so, should they lose, they can at least bleed more than their opponent. I also dislike the amount they are ready to insult you to your face and expect you to take it like a compliment and ignore it. For a people that look for the smallest excuse to fight it is quite the irony.

I will say, the weather is colder, much colder, than most of Morrowind. Our mountains keep us protected from so much of the cold and snow and ice. Yet in Skyrim, they seem to trap it in. Isn’t geography fascinating? Much of Morrowind is as far north as Skyrim, yet you would never know it for the weather.

The snow is beautiful. I miss the falling ash of home, but the snow is not so dissimilar. Beautiful when it falls, covering all the ground in a blanket that insulates the sound and causes a hush. But the snow is also cold, something that I find strangely comforting. Ash is so light and you at times cannot even feel when you are getting covered. Snow does not leave you with such a feeling. Perhaps ash and snow are good representations for the differences between our cultures.

Since I cannot return to Morrowind, I take comfort in much that this land has to offer me. Sure, I would prefer to pass my evenings languishing amid ash-skinned beauties and satin cushions than singing in bars that reek of vomit, urine, and stale spilled beer. But at least I can make a fortune off Nords and their prejudices while living my life in my own way.


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