Any revenge fantasies?


My little netchling,

Did you not see how I dispatched of that bothersome priestess and that mouthy Nord healer?

How about the song I wrote, sang, and dispersed in order to exact revenge on my kidnapper and to destroy his profitable mining operations?

What of my birthday, when I convinced the man who had set a trap to murder and pillage my body for profit, to murder his partner in crime and then himself, while singing the praises of my beloved goddess, then leaving them positioned to look as though they had murdered one another simultaneously?

No, I do not so much have revenge fantasies, as I do carry out exacting my revenge. And if only the Bosmeri beauty had not taken his man back, I would have gladly sent his soul to meet whatever Aedra were willing to take his vile soul.

Of course, if the Altmer has not changed his ways, perhaps the Bosmer will change his mind. I shall wait to see how invested he is in his unreliable employee. I admit, sleeping with an Altmer is about as harsh an insult as one can give their spouse in punishment.


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