16th of Midyear, Turdas

I finally reached Whiterun last evening.

I found myself hesitant about entering the city again, though I was not sure why. I thought perhaps it was that I worried about Tel. Yet that did not feel the whole of it.

And who should I meet upon my time explaining to the stable master about Tel’s diet, than Ra-Kathil. He was preparing to travel back north to complete another commission.

I thanked him again for the lute and told him how beautifully it played. He invited me to stay the evening with him and I played him some music to show my appreciation of his work. We dined and danced and spent the evening pleasantly together.

He told me a little of his family. His mother had been a slave and he had been born one as well. Yet she was freed son after his birth.

When he was still a boy and they were heading back to Elsweyr so he would be raised with her clan, slavers came and attacked on the road. She managed to hide him from their view and she tried to fight them. Ultimately, they ended up raping and killing her while he watched on from his hiding spot.

A truly tragic tale. And I soon understood all the more his actions earlier. Seems he enjoys taking his revenge against Dunmer who are willing to try to take advantage of him. He had thought me the same when he met me and I do not fully blame him. I was, indeed, trying to take something from him, though one would think it obvious that I am hardly as rude or as vile as those whom he typically seeks out for revenge.

Yet his method of seduction and revenge is so similar to my own, I cannot help but be further endeared to him. We even worked out a payment system should I need to stay with him again. I have hardly found such a strong bargainer before. It was refreshing after how Nords typically are. He is such pleasant company.

Sadly, Ra-Kathil has to be off this afternoon so he can keep his schedule to his client. I hope to see him again in the future.

For now, I need to freshen up and prepare to go to meet the Bosmeri merchant. I do hope he has learned something of his former employee. Though I have heard this rumor about Windhelm, I do not know how recent it took place or if it is even true. It could be a false trail planted by the thieves guild. I just wish I had more to follow.


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