What is your opinion on slavery?

Disgusting. Immoral. Shameful. Repugnant. Revolting. Abominable. Cruel. Vile. Abhorrent. Loathsome. Unforgivable. Foul. Heinous. Degrading. Contemptible. Appalling. Barbarous. Brutish. Obscene.

Shall I continue to list adjectives to describe my general feelings on this terrible practice? Or shall I go into actual detail of all the innumerous points I find repulsive about it?

I must live with the guilt of it upon my heritage and I will spend my life trying to make it up to any victims of it I encounter, but I will not abide people implying that I condone slavery in any way.

Never speak to me about this again. Never show yourself before me, unless you wish to meet the end of my blades.


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