Y dont u give up on the cat and stay with ur friend? u seem much happier with him & I think he likes u.

Precious kwarma,

I am not giving up on my husband, who is a Khajiit, not a cat, because I am emotionally invested in our relationship and honestly, I would hope, that if something were to have happened to me instead he would have sought me out, although I would not blame him if he had not. Qau-dar is the more reliable one of the two of us and so it seems more out of character that he has disappeared than it would had it been me in his stead.

As for the questions concerning my merial daesohn, Avon, he has business which he cannot be kept from. As much as I enjoy watching him get flustered, his task at hand is far too important for me to waylay. We have to part ways. I cannot return to Morrowind and he must. It is a simple fact. Perhaps we will be able to meet back up again in the future, but for now it cannot be.

Also, I would hope that he likes me. We have known each other over 70 years, after all. That said, he is my brother. I cannot think of him as anything but that. You wouldn’t settle down and marry your brother, would you? At least, we Dunmer do not,.I should not judge your people’s customs, for they are not my own. I, however, have no intention of beginning a domestic partnership with him.


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