You do realize that no matter what happens, there is no happy end for you and khajiit? If nothing else, he will live maybe thirty years more and then die, like candle that burns too fiercely and burns itself out. You’ll outlive him considerably.

Yi julbihn,

I have to say that I disagree. For happiness is what you make of it. All things must end, even Mer. To live and love is our brief gift while we have time.

Given the dangers of our world, I am every bit as likely to die tomorrow and for him to outlive me by three decades as he is to live those three decades and leave me to live on without him.

It is a given that each race lives a different amount of time, all know this. I am blessed with the long lifespan of my kind, but if he were to allow me to care for him through the end of his days, though his passing would be difficult, being with him through out would bring me a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Honestly, given my luck, I do half expect him to outlive me. There’s a touch of irony to it, don’t you think? Do not mistake me, I intend to live ‘til the end of my possible lifespan, but given my predilection for finding myself in danger, it seems that that is going to be a long and difficult battle. One I do hope to win.

So please, my little bird, take comfort in what we are given and learn a new song. It makes life far brighter.


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