What unique Morrowind dish you really miss? What scents bring to mind your childhood?

What a delightful question, my curious one,

Without a doubt it would be Chulz’s Alduri’ag Vish! In the common tongue the you might called it broken eggs, it’s a fluffy egg soufflé with pickled vegetables and cured meat. Mah, Chulz, now that was a man who could bring out the best favor in a Kwarma egg. And he cured the best meats. My favorite was how for my birthday he would find exotic meats to put in, bear, sabre cat, horse, rabbit, horker. He always knew just how much spice to put in to bring out all the best combination of flavors.

You can’t really make it here in Skyrim. The only eggs you can find here are chickens, far too small an animal to work unless you were to spend a week collecting. And there’s no way to get the right combination of vegetables or spices. A true shame, it is my absolute favorite dish.

The scents that most bring to mind my childhood. A tough question. Probably the scent of strong incense woods. My father always would return from the temple wrapped in the heavy scent of incense. My mother, she always smelled like ash and wood from anointing the home shrine and of wax from sealing letters all day. The smell of wet feathers and peat moss also is fond for me, reminds me of Chulz and Claws-Dipped-in-Gold. Chulz was the one I spent the most time with, but my mother had a close relationship with Claws-Dipped-in-Gold, and I used to enjoy listening to her stories as she would brew potions for my mother.


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