Sera, can you tell us what you find most attractive in each race of Tamriel? You can leave out beast races, if they feel too offensive to you.

Yi khen molag,

This is such a delightful ask. Let me go through the races then, shall I?

Let us start with my own people. I would say we are generally clever and opportunistic. Our way of being suave and dangerous at the same time can be rather attractive. That sense of lingering danger adds to the excitement. And I have always thought the intensity of our stare to be a turn on. I find no fault with my own body when I gaze in the looking glass and I carry most of the features our race is best known for. I would gladly join myself in bed if I were to meet my myself in a tavern.

Bosmer, the most beautiful of all Mer. What they lack in height they make up for in raw beauty. That golden skin, those dark intense eyes, their compact and powerful frame. Everything on Bosmer allows for the utmost in efficiency for life in the forest. And if you can join them in a forested area you will learn things you never knew were possible for a Mer body. Also, you can always get a sense of their intent if you stare into their face long enough. So mesmerizing is their beauty, you often will fight your own instincts to spend just another moment gazing up them. As long as you do not harm or consume any plant matter before or during your time with them, you will have nothing to worry about. And their connection to nature gives them some small gifts that are best discovered on one’s own.

Altmer. Well… I suppose their self assured nature could be considered attractive? Perhaps if you were blind, deaf, and completely unable to communicate with them in any other way at least. Altmer certainly never have any problem with self confidence. More’s the pity for the rest of us. I guess they aren’t the ugliest creatures on the face of Tamriel. That’s something.

Orsmer have the most beautiful dark skin and solid rippling muscles. That knowledge that the legs  or arms wrapped around you could easily crush you if they lost control for just a moment always getting my heart pounding. Plus I think those long canines are pretty attractive. They aren’t just for show, I’ll tell you that.

Argonians have a sort of delicate grace with which they move that is inciting. I also find their personalities much more attractive than my own people. Dunmer have become too complacent with their lot in life, but the Argonians have had to learn to be resourceful with both the harsh life in Black Marsh, and for so many, the terrible reality of slavery. To be able to survive through so much adversity makes the mind sharp and the body resilient. Not to mention the things they can do with those feathers.

Khajiit, I always found intriguing because there was so little they would share of their culture, not that I blame them.  They always seemed so exotic and mysterious that I found myself interested. Since, however I have learned much more about them, mostly through my travels around central Tamriel, but most specifically through my travels with Qau-dar. There are many things about their clever thinking and quick reflexes that are alluring. And have you listened to their accents? Enough to set my blood on fire.

Brentons have a wonderful feeling about them. I imagine it comes from carrying Mer blood, but it leaves them with a sort of electric presence. I am not sure just how to articulate it, but there’s a sort of emotional sensation you feel when you are around them. They weave magic into all they do, including their intimate interludes. It is unlike anything I have experienced before and I must say, it is never a disappointment.

Redguards, like Orsmer, are incredibly powerful physically. They also are very well versed in weapons and other tools of war. Really all tools. They have created some of the most wonderful little devices to use with their lovers. They are clever at designing tools for every need. What more can one need?

Imperials tend to be very concerned with their own regiments and organization. As a result they set their minds to something and follow through. They are very concerned about their own honor. It means that you can always count on them to do as they tell you they will and that if they promise to keep you up all night long, they intend to do so. They are also as highly educated as they are organized and if you enjoy a bit of a banter or verbal spats to get you going, you won’t be disappointed by the mental stimulation. That said, the most attractive thing to me about Imperials is how fun it is to tempt them to go against their inclinations. All those years raised to obey, if you can break them down it is the most beautiful thing in the world. They really shatter in the most gorgeous ways and putting them back together afterwards is a treat.

Nords are another physically powerful race. I find that what they lack in cunning, they make up for in raw energy and drunken exuberance. If you want to gain the favor of a Nord, get drunk with them, fist fight them and win, and then make any sort of obvious queue to your intent. They are big and tough, but in the bedroom they can be as docile and submissive as a scuttler. Watching them wind themselves around your finger can be so delightful.


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