Muthsera, if you could get mount of any kind, what would you choose?

My dear sera,

What a lovely question. I must say, for utility a banded guar charger cannot be beat. However, I just love the tesselated guar for their coloring. Plus those faces, so sweet. I love guar, so perhaps I am a bit biased. I had a stripped guar growing up, named in the oh so original way children name animals, Pashut. Pashut of course simply means stripped. But she was the sweetest little thing and grew to be a strong and fast ride. She was the envy of the other children in Mournhold. Only my cousin had a better steed. Of course, he’s the heir apparent for the House, so he better. Hahaha.

If I had to go with a breed outside of Morrowind, I would say I have once seen a Orsmer ridding on the back of a black striped senche. What a striking image! The senche look strong enough not only to be your mount, but also to aid you in combat. I know little of them, personally, but they are beautiful. I wonder if they might be related to Khajiit….

I am sticking with the guar! Tesselated guar.


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