Hey Fayel. What will you do if Qau dar is together with someone else when you find it? What if its been sold to slavery?

So many naughty little guar whispering nasty things to me recently. Are you a pack roaming around without guidance? How is it you come to find me? I promise you I am no caravan master.

The first and foremost I would like to address your referring to my gentle husband as “it”. He is not some thing, an animal, an object, to be talked about with such disrespect. He is is a thinking, breathing, opinionated being. I will not abide by such language from hereon out.

Moving on to your actually questions. You see, ouahul aln, you are so concerned with the what if this goes wrong and what if that is not as you want it. You fail to see that for me the most important thing is to know that Qau-dar is safe. That is what I care about more than anything.

If he is together with someone else, then that is his business. I certainly would not have him beholden to me and me alone unless he wished it so. It isn’t fair. I would not wish upon those I care the same restraints I find distasteful upon myself. I would only want to know that the one he has chosen will treat him well and cause him no pain. My husband he may be, but beyond that he is a dear friend. His well being is paramount to me.

Of course, I would prefer it if he were to allow me to come along with him and his new lover, but what they wish to do in the privacy of their bedroll is hardly my concern. Unless it is also to concern me. I would be more than happy to join in, of course, if such an invitation were extended to me. But this is all a what-if, mind you, and it is equally possible that he is with no one at all.

As for being sold into slavery, for that I have even less patience. Slavery is an abominable practice to begin with. But should someone have the audacity to take my husband as their property, I would stop at nothing to see that they suffer ten fold every grievance their own slaves have had to agonize, down to the most minute. I have no mercy for slavers, no sympathy for their woes. It would be my great pleasure to have them flayed the way the Nordic butchers take apart a cow for the market. Only, I would make sure to begin the separation of choice meats before the bleeding out had finished. After all, I am a man with much to do, I can’t take the time to wait for the hours of thrashing and dripping to cease. Best to just be efficient and begin the cutting as he is slowly dying. I am sure my lady Mephala would grant me quite the boon for such a morally righteous act. And I am always ready to serve her faithfully.

So, my little blossom, I hope you see that I have planned for all contingencies. Thank you again for your interest.


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