What do you miss most in each of your long term traveling companions? In detail. Did you sleep with them all?

Yi ara dalder,

This is by far the most interesting note that has been slipped inside of my book. I suppose I should start with Nabine. My precious Bosmeri moonbeam. I would say I miss her way with words the most. She was the most deft with her wordplay. She was well versed in the many intricacies of language. She had spent most of her life traveling around Tamriel as a sell sword and had a gift for languages almost enough to rival the speed of sword. You could never take anything she said at face value, especially when even the smallest hint of smile curved her lips. She was cheeky and bold in both her words and actions. If she wanted something, she would take it. It was so refreshing after a life of political subterfuge in my homeland. She was the first to really show me how to just stop worrying and enjoy life.

Next would be Moris. He was an older mage, much more reserved and calculating. Taking me to be his bodyguard had been one of the biggest risks he had made. I miss the way he would spend far too long on a problem. I miss the way he would frown when I tempted him to cease his work and spend time with me, looking torn between the duty he had and his desire. The way his eyebrows met in the center of his forehead like they were convening to discuss whether to continue working or not just always made me laugh. I usually lost to his duties, but it made the victories all the sweeter. He was a joy to tease and he alwys needed the break. I miss the way he would get when he was asked to give lectures and would explain the most complicated concepts so eloquently and clearly that even novices would have no problem to understand. There was also this frost spell he crafted specially for use in our bed that I cannot put into words the cleverness of. Not to mention that he recognized the need to put a lute in my hands again and spent what must have been at least a half a year’s salary getting me a lute he thought worthy of my skill.

Naturally Linus would be next. He was not as attractive as his father, but he was much easier to distract away from his work. Where Moris would make sure that he could still get his work done on schedule, Linus would get so caught up in his emotions that he would have to push himself into the wee hours of the following morn trying to make up the time he had lost. Yet you could see how Moris must have been in his youth. It was refreshing to think that he had once been so naive and vigorous. Linus was so eager and so virile that if you let him, you would be up all night long enjoying various pleasures of the flesh. He was by far the most interested lover I may have ever had.

Then I had a short time with Micael. I miss much less of Micael. He was Vanguard and we could bond over our service to Morrowind. It could be cathartic to watch Micael. He did not abide anything that was not business. I recall one particular evening where we had stopped for a drink and to follow a lead, and a gentleman had tried to persuade us to purchase a bottle of Tears of Amaya I enjoy the drink, so I inquired about the cost. When the man began to list options of payment and favors we might do him, Micael, without even so much as blinking, struck the man squarely in the face. The man fell to the ground, blacked out like he had drank a whole keg of brandy and didn’t move. Micael grabbed the bottle the man had been holding, tossed a couple coins on him,  and bid me follow back to our room to retire for the night. There was something special about traveling with him, although it was rather un-entertaining when violence was not involved. He wasn’t the small talk type.

Next was my dear Daelekil. There is so much I miss of Qau-dar. I have talked before about much of what I miss. So this time I will say, the way he found ways to surprise me with his insight into what was familiar. Sometimes it takes an outsider to illuminate the things we are unable to see in what we know. Watching him experience things for the first time was always a joy. I also enjoyed learning more about him and Khajiit culture. I have met few Khajiit who were not born as slaves or the children of freed slaves. Their culture is different from their kin born back in their homeland. I loved to hear more about the few experiences that Qau-dar was willing to share with me.

And finally, Speaks-Too-Soon. I admit, I know little of her. I am not sure what I miss. Perhaps her exuberance with partaking of libations. She really seemed to live when she was halfway through her second or third flagon. She always gave this incredible laugh when she was drinking. I wish she had liked me better so I might have learned more.

Then for the final question. Up until Micael, all of my long-term companions were also long-term lovers. Micael and I slept together once, which was enough for me, the man was the same in bed as he was in battle, all business and no pleasure. Qau-dar and I, sadly, never got to the point of anything so physically intimate. And Speaks-Too-Soon would rather murder me than be seen to even have a fond thought in my direction.


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