30th of Second Seed, Morndas

I went back to sleep after writing yesterday and awoke in the middle of the night. By that point my traveling companion was slumbering along her side of the carriage.

I had hoped to speak with her and learn more about her and her role within the Companions. I had not heard of any religious council within it. I am most curious.

I spent a lot of time looking out at the stars as we traveled through the night. It is still too early for torchbugs, so only the occasional glow of a luminescent mushroom could be seen in the darkness.

Eventually we came to a house just before dawn. There the horses were switched and we were brought in for a meal and beds. Seems the route between their Whiterun facilities and their main headquarters is kept at regular intervals by retired members of the cult.

There was almost no talking while we were in the house. It was very strange. I was told there were children sleeping in the house. Something still did not feel entirely right there. I said nothing on the matter, pretending to be only newly awoken and disoriented.

The trip to Shor’s Stone is said to take about 5 days, I can only assume we will continue to make these sorts of stops instead of making proper camp for the night. Two to three hours rest a day instead of six to eight (or more) certainly makes a difference in time. And we do not need to set up or take down a camp, nor wait for food preparations. I wonder what it is that has us going with such haste.

Once some time had passed in the carriage, I tried to speak to the Sage about her role in the companions. She told me she was still very tired and would gladly answer my questions on the morrow once she had tested. I do believe this looks like a pattern of delaying my inquiries. We shall see. For now I am keeping a pair of hidden daggers just under hand. I do not trust what is going on around me.


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