29th of Second Seed, Sundas

What a day I had!

To start, I did stop by to get my supplies and bid the Bosmer a farewell, for now. I finally managed to ascertain his name. Rialas. A beautiful name to be sure, though any of the Bosmeri I once knew from Nabine is all but forgotten. I do wonder of its meaning and hope to discover it on my own as a subject for when I am next in town. I do pray it is a long time from now given other events.

My farewell concert went down beautifully. I made thrice as much coin as I had expected. The new lute has a rich sound that really compliments my voice well and I dare say adds to my birth’s natural gifts. I performed a piece I rarely do, it is of a coy virgin who must try a hand at being a bard or be forced into prostitution. It is a very old song and I think my audience had never before heard it. Often with this song, more of a musical bit of acting, the patrons believe that I am telling my own story. As a result I garner a large sum of coin and many offers for a chance to practice trying my body for coin.

Mah, who knew how kind and gentle such a group of drunken ruffians could be? I took them for all the coin they had. I made plans to meet each of my kind first-time offers and managed without much interaction to be able to get coin with the excuse of it being my first time and not being ready. Each was happy to be the tough man to deflower the gentle and shy former noble fallen from grace. Mah, Mephala, thank you for whispering in my ear, I have truly been blessed.

Yet when I went to meet the Sage, I found myself face to face with that blasted guard. He threw himself to my feet, promising a better life. Telling me he would quit his job and join the Companions if that’s what he needed to protect me. What a scene! I was thoroughly embarrassed. I pulled him aside and made whispers into his ear. He went back to his barracks without a word more.

I cannot write of the start of our journey, for we went by carriage and I slept the duration of the day. Perhaps today will be more interesting but less stressful.


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