28th of Second Seed, Loredas

Tis a bitter-sweet day.

I have finished my duties to Ra-Kathil. He seemed a bit sorrowful to hear I would be leaving town, though I told him I would return again. He says when we next meet I owe him a song and he will tell me of his youth. A fair deal indeed. I agreed heartily and promised to purchase the first round of drinks.

The lute is beyond what I had expected. The quality is so superb. I played for him an hour as he worked on other commissions. For the last song, he brought out what I am told is a Khajiiti instrument, though I have ne’er before seen one or any instrument its like. Yet the sound it makes is hauntingly beautiful. I got chills. We played together and he gave me a copy of his favorite song, making me promise to know it before I return. He is quite the well humored fellow and I look forward to seeing him again.

As I left, he surprised me by giving me a lord’s farewell in perfect Dunmeri. I asked him about it and he told me he would explain next time. I returned a farewell of esteemed  patronage and he smiled. He truly understands Dunmeri cultural greetings, not just Dunmeri. I have many questions now for my friend when I return.

My lute also has a series of inscriptions, though very subtle and where only the musician could ever see them. One is in Dunmeri, a blessing for Almalexia to make the notes ring truest. A lovely gesture. The other I must assume is in Khajiiti script, though I know not what it means. Something to ask Ra-Kathil of when next I see him. Who knows how long from now that may be.

I also bid the Companions farewell for now. They were quite saddened to see me go. As I promised I gave them the last of the completed songs and sang each of the ones I have written so they could hear all the work I have done. Their sage asked me to do a favor and to travel with them to a local shrine to make an offering to their departed. I agreed, it is on my way anyhow, and there is no sense in offending the woman. We leave tomorrow morning. I shall spend the rest of my day preparing to be off. I shall go pick up my supplies from the Bosmeri merchant, rent a horse, give a last look for Speaks-Too-Soon, and then give a farewell performance at one of the taverns in town to make some spending coin for the trip east.


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