24th of Second Seed, Tirdas

I am exhausted.

I went out to gather alchemical ingredients and to look for Speaks-Too-Soon, in an effort to be productive, yet make myself scarce in town. Of course, when I saw the campfire, I assumed it may be her. I am not so naive as to simply approach a campfire boldly in the open, so I left my horse and snuck a closer look first.

A small group of bandits tearing through their prize after no doubt murdering some poor traveler. Of course, just as I was turning to go, I saw a man coming towards me with my own horse! Well, technically it is the Companion’s horse, but that only makes my need to care for it greater. I managed to slay the man without spooking the mare. Unfortunately, his armor-clad body hitting the ground attracted the attention of the others. I had seen the archers and knew to simply try to ride off meant danger to the horse and myself. So I retied the horse and decided to pick the bandits off one at a time.

It would have worked too, except they had a damn mage with them who used mage light to find me. Nothing so fun as dodging icicles and a sword blade at the same time, right?

I succeeded, of course, in dispatching them back to their precious Sovangarde, or wherever Nords that fail to do anything worthwhile go when they die. Azura only knows. I got quite the wallop in the face with one of the brute’s shields and the bruising is evident as the small gash it opened up at the corner of my mouth. I made sure to take everything of value the men had on them for my trouble and for my face. Then I  went back to town to drink one of my precious healing potions and return the horse.

Who should I run into as I am entering the gates, but then my dear friend, guardsman Fenrig, who thanks to his companion’s protests, I now know the name of. Azura, I do not know what I have done to upset you, but please forgive me. I will make penance in any way you see fit. Just tell me and I shall do it.

Of course the man, seeing my condition, was overcome with worry. He asked me a seemingly unending stream of inquires of where I had come from and who had done this to me. I decided to buy into the farce he wanted me to, if only to make him leave me alone. I told him I was searching for a bodyguard when I was attacked by bandits and that I managed to knock one over and jump back on my horse and escape. He tells me he is going to report all to his captain and then see to it personally that the bandits are dealt with. At least someone may clean up the bodies this time.

I then proceeded to the Companions to return the horse and told the same story again. One of the wolf cultists took me down into the sleeping quarters and found a health potion for me. I made careful note of the location of this potion stock area and of the positions of those that may be watching. I will find a way to bolster my inventory of them yet. Particularly since the Companions are so keen to protect their pet bard. So eager, they are going to head out in the morning to start eradicating the surrounding area of all bandits. My heroes.


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