21st of Second Seed, Loredas

Thanks to that little encounter with the guard, I have been trying to make myself scarce in town. It’s awful! I don’t enjoy acting like a common criminal.

I managed to drop by Ra-Kathil’s place. My lute base is completely done and the details are nearly finished. It looks gorgeous! There is so much delicate silver gilding on it, just my style. And I love the dark staining he chose for the pegs and the back of the lute. It is such a master craft that I could not be happier.

The subject of payment was raised and he made a rather interesting proposal as an alternative means to coin. It does sound a bit interesting, but I have my apprehensions as well. I told him I would need a day or two to think it over. By then the lute will be completed. I had not expected his work to go so quickly. I am much relieved however, as it means I can get onto the road sooner. I will see how many healing potions the alchemist has and how many more I can make. I fear that it will require at least 3 dozen, plus one of the good bottles of heavy liquor. Perhaps I should take up his offer to have more of that drink he first gave me, though I worry about the side effects that an unknown beverage like that may have on me.

I left Ra-Kathil to go and speak with the Bosmeri merchant, when who do I see doing their rounds? Oh yes, Mr. Mara himself. I managed to slip between two buildings, but he was taking up a post in the area of the Bosmer shop. I did not wish to risk another confrontation, so I went back to the Companions to get good and drunk and play music for what will be one of the last times on that sad little lute they have.

I tried, on my way back after leaving the wolf fanatics, to see if I could stop by the shop again, but still there was the guard, posted facing the shop. I gave up and came back to the room. I am hoping since it is early morning now that he will be off duty and I can try and stop by again. Azura, please lend me some luck.


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