12th of Second Seed, Turdas

I have returned from visiting that deceitful priestess and seeing her hang for her crimes.

She had not recognized me at first, but by the time I left she appeared to have understood everything. I demanded to know the story of what happened with my Daelekil. The guard told me they were taking no further charges since she was getting the noose within the hour. But I told him I needed to know what had become of my husband who had disappeared after she had been called to help heal him. I mentioned how unlike him it had been that he had left so suddenly. I explained that he had really just disappeared and then a message had been left with the innkeeper. I managed to make my eyes water as if in desperation to know my beloved’s fate. All of these factors made the guards very suspicious that she may be responsible for even more crimes.

She told me that she had no idea and the guard gave her chain a bit of a rattle in hopes of getting the truth out of her. They goaded her to confess in light of the fact that she was about to be killed anyhow and couldn’t she have mercy on the families of her victims. Apparently she had denied every accusation or question brought to her since they arrested her on charges of murder and defiling a corpse for criminal activities. The guardswoman asked the priestess again if she knew anything to help me find my sweet husband, saying any little bit might help. Still the fetching priestess disavowed all knowledge. It earned her a backhand and I was gratified to see it.

In the end I learned nothing. The guard who walked me back out apologized for my loss and told me that my husband was probably still out there somewhere. Yet the tone he used indicated he suspected that I was now a widower. I admit I am not pleased to have found nothing more out. She was honestly the only lead I had to know more. After such knowledge I would have been in a foul mood the rest of the day, but attending her execution did something to brighten my spirits.

To put my mind off things I went and had a few drinks and played some music for the companions before returning to the room to gather my coin. I think I should drop by the Bosmer beauty’s shop and see if there’s any word on cutlery or other useful items. Not to mention the sight of him brightens my spirits considerably. And while I know nothing would likely come of it, the game is half the enjoyment.

Tonight I will return to the companions for more drinking and merriment, so as to continue my reputation as it has been with them. By the end of the week I can begin to untangle myself from them. They have given me the chance to play music and not worry about my meals, but they are dreadful company. The sooner I see the end of those wolf cultist, the better.

I also should check in on the progress of my lute before the end of the week. There is a thrill to seeing any craft as it is being made. I suppose that childhood fascination has never left me. Yet, I don’t want to go by too soon. I don’t want to seem anxious.

Mah, I think I may need a short nap before I continue. Too many nights of being busy until dawn have worn me down and tonight is looking to be much the same.


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