1st of Second Seed, Second Entry

My day took an unexpected turn this afternoon.

I went by the shop, expecting to find that pile of guar droppings that calls itself an Altmer, only to discover he was not there. Instead of that pitiful excuse of a Mer, there was the loveliest Bosmer I have ever laid my eyes upon.

I realized, once my initial shock had passed, that it was the same Mer whose portrait had hung on the wall when last I was there. Of course, the portrait had not truly captured the full extent of his loveliness. Yet I did not wish to dwell on his virtues, less it make him uncomfortable.

Instead I asked the man if he was the proprietor and he confirmed to me that he indeed was. Suddenly it made sense, not only had the Altmer had his affections spurned, but they had been spurned by his own boss. I assume by his not being present and the portrait removed, that the unpleasant bastard was sent packing. It’s for the best.

We talked little. I could tell quickly that he cared more for coin than for words. So I kept my words of praise brief, spoke only of business, and then left him to his affairs. I shall return again to learn more. But for now, I think a short visit is for the best. He is not the type to be swayed by pretty words or simple gestures.

He is a true beauty and I doubt that anything shall come to pass. Yet he is lovely to gaze upon and seems quite interesting. I am sure with teeth like that there is more to him than meets the eye. Azura, thank you for blessing me with this rare opportunity.


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