28th of Rain’s Hand, Turdas

I have impeccable tastes.

A couple of these vintages were just far too young to have the right qualities to be truly delicious, so I found others to pair them with. By combining two or three of them together, I was able to round out all the best qualities while giving quite delicious complimentary flavors. I should have know, with my excellent palate, that I would be a good blender. Nothing quite like discovering hidden talents.

Speaks-Too-Soon seems in a better mood with the alcohol. I feel rather the same about the whole thing. The only thing missing is some music. Of course, I am without lute and would rather be pampered than sing unaccompanied, so I sent for a bard to play for us instead. She was a fine enough drummer, though her voice lacked some of the bravado I prefer to see in a bard. But her face more than made up for her other lacking qualities.

Speaks-Too-Soon seemed rather taken with her. She never reacts that way to my music. Perhaps there is more to this Histling than meets the eye. I shall just have to wait and see.

Or maybe I should leave them alone for a while and see what becomes of things.


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