Is it Rain’s Hand yet? Or is it still First Seed?

My blasted time keeper managed not to stay wound. I tried to be careful, and I thought I had been keeping it in good order, yet I go to check the time after we ventured a bit deeper and the blasted thing was not running.

So now we are in this fetching tunnel with no way to keep track of how many days it has been. Speaks-Too-Soon keeps trying to wander off down side tunnels that look like they may have interesting items. And I fear even sleeping for she may try and slip off on me to look for things and I could lose her.

So far we have only run into a couple of constructs. They were facing away when we approached and they were easily dispatched.

I should be thankful there are not more, but I fear why there are so few, if I am honest. I only hope it is because Qau-dar or some adventurer has been through this way recently. Any other reason does not bode well.


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