23rd of First Seed, Middas

I had the most wonderful dream last night.

I dreamt I was awoken from a deep sleep by a beautiful woman. Her skin was the blue of the sky just before the sun brings the dawn and her hair as black as midnight. Her eyes were bright but open only slightly, like two crescent moons. And she wore a dress with all the stars of the sky.

She knelt down to me and placed a hand upon my cheek. And though she did not speak, I heard her words within my head. She told me to go back to town and other words which seemed to be in an unknown language. But though I did not know the words, I felt a warmth fill me, like the fire within was being rekindled. Then as her gentle caress left my face, she faded back into the night.

I suppose it is probably a manifestation of my own guilt. What a pleasant way to deal with guilt. I should head back at least a day and search once more. And if I can find Speaks-Too-Soon and return her belongings, all the better. I assume she would never travel with me alone, so I shall not bother asking.

I can’t believe the fire is still going so strongly. I must have gotten up in the night to build it. Come to think of it, I do not remember setting up the tent, either. I must have drank much more than I realized.


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