21st of First Seed, 2nd Entry

I returned to the room briefly to sober up a bit and what did I discover? Qau-dar’s things have been removed from the room. At first I thought it theft, but then I discovered that things I had given to him previously were left behind.

When I asked the innkeeper about what had happened, he claimed we had paid the last of our tab and that my Daelekil told him we would head out in the morning. This could not be the work of Speaks-Too-Soon. Besides, her things remained behind.

What could possibly have possessed Qau-dar to act in such a way? Who might persuade him to such a course?

No, it cannot be. Was that why that fetching whore of a priestess did not wish to receive payment? Is that why? She has managed to convince him to leave me with her twisted heretical lies!

Well, it matters not now. She will have plenty to answer for by morning. I have paid for a horse and made arrangements for a man to pick up what is left in the room before dawn.

The festivities tonight continue however. I shall finish performing for the clients I have already agreed to play for. Then I am stopping back at the temple of our dearest well-intentioned priestess. I do not make it a habit to seek petty revenge, nor to toil with servants of more powerful beings. But I suppose, as they say, there is an exception to every rule.

Mephala, halbera yi shudurii neen. Preferably right into that khebreit khayag’s gut. I want her to suffer first. She will know the fear of what is coming before her end.


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