19th of First Seed, Loredas

Watched over Qau-dar much of yesterday. I left briefly to pick up some food for my bedridden companions and came back to find Qau-dar still asleep, but the book in a different spot. I am glad he has found it.

We did not speak. I am not sure if I am more saddened or pleased about this. I don’t know why I should feel guilty when I have upset him. I do not enjoy this emotion.

I also hate staying so long in one place, so I decided to take a walk about town. I fear there is nowhere with anything I might bring for Qau-dar except the shop with the gorgeous Bosmer painting and equally obtuse Altmeri pile of Alit droppings running the place.

I heard from a Nord in the market that the shop is now stocking whiskey. I would prefer brandy, but it is worth at least an inquiry. By Azura, I hope he holds his tongue enough that I don’t set his hovel ablaze. It would be a true loss to this world if that portrait were to be destroyed.

At least the shack may possess some trinkets to amuse me. It has to be better than the cheese museum I hear one of the farmers has set up just outside of town. For a group of people that complains of milk drinking, they sure are obsessed with cheese.


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