18th of First Seed, Fredas

Finally that fetching priestess gone! Took her nearly a full day before she would leave.

Yet that was hardly her only vice. For all that I promised to pay her in gold to keep her frigid gods to herself, I heard whispers that she has been trying to make conversions. I should cut out her tongue.

Then again, I assume it would bring me bad fortune to harm the servant of a god, even if they are false ones. All gods of Tamriel still hold power. A shame though. Perhaps I will merely play with her later.

For now, however, I need a good moment to give Qau-dar his gift. It is not much. This town had little of interest to offer. But it is a journal of a Khajiit adventurer. It was found by a Nord who was diving through Dwemer ruins for treasures when he came across the finely dressed body. He took the book, convinced it was he final story of some diplomat or royalty betrayed by his people to the constructs of the deep. He was convincing enough the merchant purchased the volume without being able to read it. It is, of course, written in the delicate curving letters of Ta’agra.

Fortunately for her, I came to relieve her of it. She claimed she has had the volume going on 8 years now. She was happy to sell me the journal at a low cost. I do not know what story its pages may hold, but I do hope that it will give Qau-dar a sense of what it was like for another of his people in this land. Perhaps there will even be some wisdom or explaination a of how things happen here that I cannot give him.

He is slumbering now. And I am thankful in a way for that. He was so very cross at me when I left him and I am not sure if he has or will forgive me. I always seem to misstep with him and offend him unknowingly. It is a wonder he married me for any reason. I have firmly believed that any race, be they Mer or Argonian or Khajiit or even lowly men, could with enough time and effort, have a perfect understanding. (Well, Altmer I may have always excluded from this list on account of their unwilling nature when it comes to understanding any other race.) I am beginning to wonder if my thinking was too naive. That is not to say it is not worth trying. It merely means that perhaps there are just some things which can never be understood culturally between certain groups of people. But perhaps it is just my feelings of defeat when it comes to communicating smoothly with my companion.


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