10th of First Seed, Second Entry

Blah, blah, blah. Altmer bullshit!

I honestly couldn’t bring myself to listen to a word that fell from his thin lips.

But then I noticed a gorgeous portrait upon the shop wall. A Bosmer with long flowing hair and eyes like piercing gems of different light.

I immediately asked about it. Then I was just as immediately sorry to have done so, for he droned on and on like an old wasp unable to find her nest. In the end he never did answer me.

The portrait, I am sorry to say, was pierced many times with all sorts of weapons. Arrows, crossbow bolts, daggers, objects the province of which I dare not ask. Such a shame to have so throughly damaged such a work of art. In the end I have come to the conclusion that he must have been spurned by this rare beauty. And who would blame one as lovely? Surely it helps to validate his sour mood.

Well, he is an Altmer, that would be reason enough. But when added to this, I almost feel sorry for the pathetic lout. But then again, he is an Altmer and likely brought it upon himself. Ha!

The sad scuttler probably is close to losing his shop as a result of his poor attitude. I am sure my last purchase helped him keep his doors open a couple extra months. I almost thought to ask him, but I did not dare risk another tirade of inane Netch droppings.

Daelekil seems to have gotten some useful information out of the trip however. So I suppose it was not a total waste of our time. The fetcher should just find himself some drunk Nord willing to lie with him and rid him of that branch that is lodged so deeply within his rear end.


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