7th of First Seed, Second Entry

Mead, mead, MEAD!

Why does this fetching town not have anything better to drink?

I refuse to go back to that insulting Khajiit, even for a bottle of my good brandy! And the priest of Arkay said they have a draugr problem ever since some imperial drunk went streaking through the crypt and dancing with several bodies. So much for that!

Instead I’ve been trying to track down a decent drink. I know this city well enough to know that all the ale is watered down with piss. Horse if you’re lucky. And the mead in this area is far too sweet for my liking. Yet that’s all anyone seems to sell.

I heard a rumor there’s a merchant who sells Mer beverages. I can’t believe I never ran into this guy before. Then again, I never really had much need to leave the inn while in town before. The guy who I spoke to said the shop owner was bristly and rude to his customers, but that he had the only stock in town. I have rarely met a person I couldn’t charm into being agreeable enough to make a transaction with. So I say it’s worth a shot. Maybe I can even seduce this man into a good price.


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