4th of First Seed, Fredas

I came up with three answers to Qau-dar’s riddle, yet they were none of them correct. Alas, I am not suited to such work. He gave me several others to answer and one I managed to get correctly upon my third guess. It healed my wounded pride the slightest bit.

It was strange to hear my father’s words from Qau-dar. Well, they were not the exact words, but he told me I think too far past the answer. That I look for something too complicated.

It is true, indeed. It was why my time researching for the temple was so awful. Every book was written in riddles. The analogies were easy to see. But the important topics were always riddles for which I could not reach the answer. I understand the need to protect secrets from enemies, but riddles? N’chow, they are the worst!

In other news, the weather has cleared. It feels warm in the sun. I was actually sweating as we walked earlier. And you can see in the distance the shape of what should be the city. By tonight we should be close enough to tell for sure. I expect tomorrow we will reach the meadery, if it is still there.


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