2nd of First Seed, Middas

It’s hard to tell exactly where on the map we are since there are no major geological features in this valley to help distinguish just where you are. That said, based off my estimates of our rate of speed from earlier, I would say we should be able to see the next city in a day or two.

I am sure that both of my companions are looking forward to reaching a city once more. I have heard no end of muttered complaints from Speaks-Too-Soon over our having left the last town so quickly.

I think when we reach the Falkreath Hold and the weather turns warmer, spirits may be higher. And I’ve no doubt that as we near the Cyrodill border and good brandy is poured as readily and cheaply as mead and ale, Speaks-Too-Soon will appreciate the journey. I am positive Qau-dar will be happy with the warmer weather and better access to imports from his home as well.


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