27th of Sun’s Dawn, Loredas

My mind has been so full as of late. Or perhaps it is just that I am becoming more aware of things. Or more aware of myself.

As we head south we get not only closer to Cyrodil, but also to Morrowind. It is always more dangerous to approach the border. Not just because of the growing tensions in Cyrodil, which have been causing lots of small skirmishes, but also for the greater Dunmeri presence. Anywhere with an increased presence of my people also allows for an increased chance of Urtisa’s spies.

I have made similar trips many times, but it has been quite some time since my last one. I have faith, however, that we will be fine. A group of three is much harder a target than one.

Alas, I should stop spending so much time worrying about possible outcomes, and get back to sleep. The weather has been clear lately. Good for making the roads traversable, but it has made the temperature plummet. I must stay rested to help keep my companions warm. It seems to be the one task I preform that no one complains about.


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