19th of Sun’s Dawn, Fredas

I did approach town leadership about illumination. I was given five scrolls to illuminate by tomorrow as a test of my skill. I am told by the town stewart, that if one of them pleases anyone in court, if you can call a council of five farmers turned leaders a court, that they may consider my offer.

It is a poor deal for me. Even if they like the work, they may say they do not and keep the illuminated scrolls, sending me away with nothing to show for my efforts. But I am hoping that I can prove to have an eye for Nord motifs and ascetics. At least enough to get paid. After all, nothing looks more official than a highly ornamented award.

My biggest concern is the time constraint. A day and a half to finish five means I cannot give nearly the level of careful detail I would like to. I will start with just worrying after the main letter and then use whatever time I have left to design beyond that.

I am making sure to work in the corner of the inn, far enough away from others that I may finish in time, yet in an area of enough people that perhaps others may observe my work. I can honestly answer, if questioned, that I am working for the local court. Nothing like a touch of honest prestige to bolster your reputation.

I just hope it is enough to bring in some coin.


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