17th of Sun’s Dawn, second entry

Well, I am a bit hungover. But I feel as though it was par for the course. The free drinks did not stop flowing all night. It reminded me of the feasts back in Mournhold. Although I was never so beautifully jeweled back home.

Alas, none of mother’s servants are here with the herbal tonics to ease my head. But I suspect it was from the cheapness of the liquor more than anything. Yet that is not what bothers me most.

I understand that we had to share our room with Speaks-Too-Soon, yet Qau-dar made no effort to find an opportune time to consummate the marriage. I fully was aware of our marriage being one of convince, but I still expected we would complete the act, so to speak. It is not a full marriage without that! At least not for a Dunmer. Not that I am looking to make Qau-dar a proper husband or anything, but I had assumed that this meant perhaps he was ready to accept me in his bed. Well, accept in his bed in the carnal way, that is.

Perhaps he is just shy. Or maybe it is our bodyguard ’s fault. But I had thought for sure when we retired and she was still out drinking and feasting, that perhaps we might share our alone time as expected.

Alas, he went to sleep. And left me here staring after him. I suppose I should be thankful. At least we are sharing the bed, I suppose. Small steps.

I stare at this ring on my hand and wonder.

N’chow! No! This is only going to make my head hurt more. I should concentrate on the positive. At least this time I am bound to one I care for


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