17th of Sun’s Dawn, Middas

The ceremony was lovely! Qau-dar looked beautiful in red silk and velvet tunic, part of a compromise to dress in Dunmeri fashion and adorn ourselves in the Khajiiti way. I have never worn so much jewelry! It was wonderful. I never have looked so becoming than covering in gold and gems.

There was a long wait, of course, being Heart Day. But oh! It was well worth it. Such a lovely occasion, even if Speaks-Too-Soon spent half the time we waited complaining about wanting the free food already.

Still, it was lovely. Far more delightful an affair than my last wedding. There was dancing and music and no one attempted to assassinate anyone. I suppose that’s the difference in a wedding in Skyrim instead of one in Morrowind.

The feast and room provided were superb! When the innkeeper gave Speaks-Too-Soon a look, I just whispered that she was Qua-dar’s personal guard. That seemed to be enough of a reason when they saw how adorned we were. I think they assumed we were some exotic nobles. Perhaps that is what Qau-dar truly is. It would certainly explain his outlook on life.

Well, I better get back to the festivities. There’s going to be a drinking game next! Azura, periug tifur osuhn!


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