11th of Sun’s Dawn, Turdas

Well, I just returned from a most unpleasant ordeal. Iwas being held for questioning in association with a supposed theft.

Now, one may ask, dearest Fayrl, when did you get up to thieving? Is this in regards to that hidden cache of goods?

No, dear reader, it is unrelated. In fact, the whole charge was made up.

I was pulled from the inn, where I was singing, and brought before a group of guards regarding my supposedly stolen merchandise. I told them I did not know to what they were referring, so of course, they decided they would try and make me talk. Being Nords, of course, this meant fists were involved.

I demanded to know what I was being accused of stealing and after an hour of “integration” they stole the earrings that Qau-dar had made me, along with the pendant, claiming I had stolen them from a lady of House Broadshield. I told them that my friend and jewelry had made them, but they still “confiscated” them to return to their “rightful” owner.

I was pissed, but there was nothing I could do. When I was asked about my friend who made them and they heard the word Khajiit, they automatically used this as evidence of there being a theft. They threatened to have us all thrown in jail if I did not pay a fine of 200 gold.

I paid and left, noticing one very pleased night’s watch-woman on the way out. I think it is best we leave this town before they take all of our things. Or before my face gets any more unpretty.


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