8th of Sun’s Dawn, Morndas

Well, on the one hand, it feels amazing to be waited on hand and foot again. On the other, it makes me supremely nervous to have people hovering around me and not giving me space. I have to keep reminding myself that Qau-dar and Fjori are not like Urtisa and they are not trying to imprison me. They want to help.

But being carried around by big strong men isn’t the worst thing. I could get used to that. If only Speaks-Too-Soon were more keen to being friendly. I would increase her pay if she were willing to carry me around every now and again.

The healer could not make it today, but sent a potion to bring down the swelling and already it has helped. She is supposed to come first thing in the morning, so I look forward to being able to move freely again. Even though I will miss being lifted about by all those rippling muscle. And some of these Nords are such flirts.

But I must prepare for my next set. Skorr The Hammer will be coming to bring me back downstairs in a short while. I am hoping I can coerce him into showing me just why it is he earned that name. I do hope there is an accompanying demonstration. With Qau-dar slipping out all the time, I grow lonely and bored stuck up in this room. I need a distraction.


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