2nd of Sun’s Dawn, Tirdas

I finally met up with both my companions in our room. I told Qau-dar about the underground and it seems he and Speaks-Too-Soon will be heading there to look for Moon sugar.

I told them I would be procuring provisions. I will also be picking up a new breastplate and maybe some new boots for Speaks-Too-Soon. Her worn appearance really takes away from her intimidation factor, not to mention it looks less professional. I am thinking of getting it in a nice green to match her scales a bit, though I doubt she will notice.

I also wish to check for some type of fine gift for Qau-dar. Last time I was in town, one of the small shops sold Khajiiti water pipes. Some of them were quite intricate and beautiful. I will see what is available.

I also want to check out the secret storage room Brunwulf told me of. He said his uncle has secret stores there, but I wish to know of what. If there is anything worth having, I may borrow it for an extended period of time. I have precious time where my powers will be at such a peak and I need to capitalize on it.

Speaking of which, my birthday is tomorrow. Which means I must perform the ritual tonight, baring any issues. I have a couple of prospects in mind, but I shall use my time at market to make a decision. For now, I must haul the tent into market. There is much to do.


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