31st of Morning Star, second entry

At the behest of Fjori, I am eating my supper in our room. He worries that with the success last night I would not get any peace. He is probably right.

I came back to find Qau-dar absent and Speaks-Too-Soon fast asleep. I would really like to speak with Qau-dar. I feel like we have much to discuss, although no topics come to mind. But I think he would enjoy some of the stories I overheard last night. Alas, I will have to wait.

As the month of my name day approaches, my powers are becoming stronger. They will be the most strong on my name day, of course, but even now, with just a few hours before Sun’s Dawn, I can feel it thrumming within me. Tonight I will make even more money, I am sure of it. I must be careful with my voice.

Perhaps tonight I will find someone special to spend some time with. The question is, how to choose between patrons?


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