27th of Morning Star, Middas

The trees are thinner here and you can make out the town in the distance. It looks to be bigger than when last I was down this way. That is good, there will certainly be more opportunities in a larger city than otherwise.

I do hope we don’t have trouble getting in. After the way we were treated by the guards in the last town, I am weary of what to expect. I am willing to do whatever necessary to ensure Qau-dar’s entry to the city. Whatever is necessary.

In the meantime, I have been looking back over the songs in my book and discovered a whole section has been torn out! I’m not sure when it happened or by whom, but I am relatively certain that it was the section of tavern songs I wrote to make coin in my early days on the road. Though I know not of why any would wish to remove the songs, whether for safe keeping or to destroy them. I wish I could look back at them.


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