23rd of Morning Star, second entry

I was awoken from my slumber by the sound of the winds which had picked up. I was about to turn back over and go to sleep, when I thought I heard a voice on the wind.

I jumped out of bed and ran out of the tent, trying to hear what was being said. But I could not hear the voice once I was outside.

I am worried. Was Mephala whispering to me? I do not know if it was her. I hope she did not instruct me and I did not hear her.

I stayed outside, willing the voice to come again. Forcing my ears to listen hard lest she speak. But there was no words.

What if I am losing her favor? Could that be why I missed her words? Or perhaps it really was just the wind.

After thirty minutes of waiting I returned to the tent, but did not sleep soundly after. We must hurry to the town. I need to show her I am still devoted.


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