23rd of Morning Star, Loredas

We rested at the mountain top according to my plans. I left a small fire for my companions and excused myself under the guise of following the call of nature.

I reached a small clearing and made a small mirror by slightly melting some snow and then smoothing it flat with a stick. When it froze it left a perfect reflective surface that shown the sky clearly.

I left my offering on the mirror surface, lit some incense, and recited a small prayer. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have left the gifts I should have left in the first week after the New Life Festival.

I hope that Azura can forgive my nearly one month tardiness.

I returned to my companions and ate a little bear jerky before we packed up and continued the start of our downward journey. That was when a sudden snow blew up on us. The winds were not so strong as the storm, but the snow fell fast nevertheless.

I wish there was a faster way down the mountain slope, but other than the shield sled technique that nearly killed us before, I see no solution yet.

Although we stopped to set up camp an hour sooner than I would’ve liked, we have fallen into a comfortable breakdown of activities in camp preparation. It is going faster with three than two and we all seem to have our own tasks. We are much more efficient than I had expected. Perhaps one of these days I can convince Speaks-Too-Soon that I am not so worthy of her ire and she wishes me to be.


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