20th of Morning Star, Middas

I awoke in the middle of the night sweating. I am not sure how I managed it, but I was sandwiched between my companions who had pressed themselves close against me. I was touched for a moment until I realized it was just for my warmth, for the moment I sat up they both moved closer to me. It would be too much to hope that perhaps Speaks-Too-Soon might try and be more friendly. But, I made a small fire within the tent again to warm them, even as I was drenched in sweat.

When the tent was too hot for me to bare, I went outside and cleared a small area of snow outside the opening. I packed the waterskins with snow and made a fire outside, I managed to find some branches that were not too wet. I used magic to keep everything going until the fire caught properly on its own. And now I am sitting out here and having breakfast, watching the weather. The winds have died down and the falling snow is all but the occasional flake.

I have been reflecting on my past since I woke up. Who would have thought that magic would become such a part of my life? My mother was a powerful sorceress, but I never had the control over my magic to make a career in her footsteps. Nor did I ever have the power for it. My gifts were small, that’s why they sent me to do temple work instead. However, using my magic more and more, I feel as though I am gaining some measure of control over it. Maybe I could have been a mage like mother?

N’chow! What’s the point in wondering? If I had taken that path I might have never escaped that life. Well, I best return to my companions, I hear shifting in the tent.


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