18th of Morning Star, Second Entry

We finally managed to get the camp all packed back up and are about to head back out onto the road. While repacking my things to accommodate my two jars of bear’s blood, I found a package that Sera Brelas had managed to slip into my bag the last day it was there, under my notice.

I found a note scrolled across the wrapping in her small neat hand, which said it was a gift for my name day. I suppose we did talk about our birth signs at one point. I know I should wait the two weeks (and two days) until it arrives, but curiosity got the better of me.

A necklace of silver, ruby, and elk bone along with a matching circlet, bracelet, and rings. I could not help but to try them all on and then go down to the river to take a look at the set all together. Seems they are enchanted for defense, some against spells and others from attack. A thoughtful and useful gift indeed.

I returned to camp in some embarrassment to be decked out in so much jewelry while the others had been finishing with packing of their own. But this was important. Of course, I should have remembered that I have a small looking glass in my beauty kit, but it was still easier to see my reflection as a whole in the river.

My embarrassment aside, the present has only made me more excited for my name day. 16 days can not come to pass soon enough!


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