16th of Morning Star, Second Entry

My companions did not return by the time I had come down from my tree. So I went to clean off in the river and returned to burn, very carefully, of course, any place where blood had fallen on the ground. I also burned off anywhere on my skin that blood had gotten other than my cut. I am hoping that this will take care of the blood smell.

While waiting, I started work on a new song, but I am not yet pleased with the melody. As a result I have only the chorus complete now.

The lyrics for the chorus are below:

Alda’hira ru as molag,
Luvahr as silvaar
Baroka ohm bahlar vulis
Norid bahr am om lougiih.

It translates poorly into common tongue, but this is the closest I could come with some poetic flare:

Dance by the fire,
Under the stars,
Lift your large cup,
And forget your worries.

So hopefully I’ll come up with more for that before they come back. It would be nice to have a new song to celebrate their hunting victory.


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