13th of Morning Star, Middas

Well, Speaks-Too-Soon seems to hate Dunmer on principle. I do not fault her for that, I am from a race that has committed many evil acts upon Argonians. Even with the pact, only so many misdeeds can be forgiven by the signing of a single paper. There is too much spilled blood for such recent memories to let go of what has happened.

But Speaks-Too-Soon seems willing enough to tolerate me where fine drinks can be had. She seems protective of Qau-dar, for which I am thankful. I sometimes think he is in need of protection. The Nords are prone to bullying him and a tough Argonian may yet help him pass through more easily. Hopefully.

I left camp on the pretense of gathering firewood, but I came more to look at the stars. I have been thinking a lot lately of the past. It makes me wonder a lot about the future. I have many regrets and wonders, though nothing that is past can be changed. I look at these stars that burn so brightly above and think how they appear just as they did when I was a lad. And even the moons, who shift constantly in their phases, follow a pattern over and over, unchanging even as the centuries pass by.

How many of my family have the moons and stars seen born and die under these same skies? Did they know who was to be murdered and who was to live?

Azura, in your vast wisdom, do you have a path for me? If I was made to conform to the ways of society and be a proper Indoril, then why was I made like this? Was this a test I failed to pass? Or is this the start of a journey I was meant to travel?

Only in the darkness can I feel like you may truly be able to hear my words. Azura, halbera lo.


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