8th of Morning Star, Fredas

Well, first day out on the road went well enough. Our bodyguard was late, but she arrived before we left, so that is something. It is hardly a auspicious sign, but no one has murdered another yet, so that seems as a good sign as one can start their travels with.

Three in the tent is… cozy. As cozy as one can be with equipment on every side that is not a person. I eventually put up the front awning, pinning it downward to keep out the snow, which allowed us to put some of our things in there. It helped to make the sleeping area less cramped. Not to say that we have a lot of space, but having some is a welcome thing.

Qau-dar and I have spoke little on the road, just a few whispers here and there. Instead, we have been making sure to keep our attentions on the behavior of our body guard. Nothing too suspicious as of yet. That does not mean I have come to like her yet, but she appears, at least for now, to be taking the job seriously.

Apparently her name, I had forgotten it, is Speaks-too-soon. I think that tells you just about everything you need to know about her right there. At least she isn’t Stabs-too-soon or Picks-fights-often. Perhaps I can get some small amount of light sleep. Perhaps.

I shall retire now to see what the sleeping arrangements will be. I think I shall suggest to Qau-dar in whispers that she sleep in the middle so that, should she decide to slit our throats in the night, one of us can either return the favor or run.

Azura, freda lo en yi daeljuhn.


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