3rd of Morning Star, Sundas

When I returned to the tavern, I found our room empty again. That said, there were clear signs that someone had been in there.

I went to the Sera Tar-meena to ask if someone had been seen in our room or if she had any news of Qau-dar.

When I found her behind the bar, she gave me a large smile and pointed to a chair besides the fireplace. As I approached, I let out a sigh of relief. There, curled up and fast asleep, was Qau-dar.

I knelt beside his chair and whispered that I had found him at last. I almost expected with my luck that some other Khajiit would raise his head. But sure enough, it was him. I escorted him back upstairs and to bed, though he seemed sad to leave the warmth of the fireplace.

It was good to be back together at last. I was beginning to feel hopeless. And although I was not that tired, I fell asleep besides Qau-dar.

Today I have left Qau-dar breakfast and am preparing to go off to work. The celebrations have come to an end at last and it is back to earning coin.

I must discuss with Qau-dar tonight about my problems with the dye. Soon enough my face and hands will be too grey for people not to notice. We will need to move along, at least temporarily.

And it will be nice to leave my limited speaking and reserved actions behind with the budi. As much as I love all the decorations and the comfortable nature of the clothing, I long to have back on a tunic and be able to sing again. The time has come to stop pretending to be Kahjiit and to return to being as Dunmer.

Mephala, freda lo devehr rokashin.


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