2nd of Morning Star, is it Loredas already?

Well, so far, the start to 580 has been pretty great. Other than losing Qau-dar, of course.

I’m leaving a celebration I was pulled into last night as I was searching for my companion. I did not realize so much time had passed, but the light of the bright winter sun reflecting off the snow shines true.

So much dancing and drinking and feasting. I must give credit to the Nords, they know how to party. The mead they have here is so strong that I do not entirely remember all of what happened. My two companions for the evening tried to convince me to stay in through today, but I assured them that I must return to my job. I suspect from their glances and touches that we may have shared something intimate during the celebrations. Sadly, I do not remember.

They invited me to play at their home this evening and wrote their address for me. I told them I would see if I can get out of my other obligations and join them. However, I am not sure that I am ready to visit them just yet. I cannot remember enough to gauge their intentions. But my coin purse is safely on my person and all coins accounted for. So theft is less likely their motive.

I must hurry back to the tavern. Perhaps by some miracle of the new year Qau-dar is there waiting for me.


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