1st of Morning Star, Fredas,

I traveled outside the city walls to look for Qau-dar. I saw no sign of him there.

However, when I attempted to renter the guards blocked me, making snide comments about “another one”. Clearly Qau-dar was here at some point. There are far too few Khajiit in these parts for it to be coincidence.

I asked them to allow me to renter the city. They told me it would be 50 gold. I watched as person after person streamed in without so much as a glance spared in their direction from either guard.

I told them if they did not allow me in as they did the others I would summon up the spirit of a powerful Mage whose spirit lingered outside these walls where he had perished from a similar fate to what it was experiencing.

The one guard twitched while the other told me to move on if I wasn’t going to pay up.

I turned from them, mumbling ominous sounds. I could hear the one guard shifting.

I fell suddenly half over, waiting a moment completely still for dramatic effect. Then I began to shook and summoned a flame cloak, pulling back the hood of my Budi, and turned to them with my arms out.

The one guard ran in the other direction and the remaining one fell to the ground shaking. I stumbled back into the town and out of sight. Then pulled back up my budi and headed back to the tavern.

I was perhaps a bit dramatic. But I had just had enough of that discriminatory bullshit. In retrospect, it was likely an unwise action on my part. But hopefully the guards will be too embarrassed to report anything.

B’vek, so much for keeping a low profile and staying in disguise. I really need to learn more restraint.


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