28th of Evening Star, Morndas

I could not write about the events of last night. I needed some time to put my thoughts into order. So very much happened so quickly and I had a head full of sweet wine on top of all of it.

First, Sera Brelas asked me to stay with her. She said she could give me steady work if I were to stay in town. She said at least at first I could live with her and then I could earn enough coin to find a place of my own, should I wish. I told her it was too dangerous for me to stay in any one place and that I could not leave my companion. She was downcast, but understood. I promised whenever I traveled this way I would come stay with her and help out at her shop.

I went to find Qau-dar after that. There was some kind of game going on. Many women around him dancing while his eyes were closed. I slipped by and placed a hand on his shoulder, leaning in to tell him what had happened. And he kiss me.

One of the women pulled me away and scolded me for upsetting the game and they continued. I do not even think he realized I was there. I headed back to the room and went straight to sleep.

I think perhaps I should not mention it.


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