22nd of Evening Star, Second Entry

I found myself humming while collecting Sera Brelas’ ingredients and words began to come to me the more I hummed.

Don’t have my songbook on me, so I thought I’d put down what I have so far for my newest song Yi Ikalam Am Muhroua, My Lady of Potions. I’ll make a common tongue version and do the music later too.

Ohm balkhun ot khen bosmin baan
Ohm jakesh ot khes bosara
Ohm hidyivin pasdikar as rouan
En balmari as magnu finre as malroua

Captu yi baldefur,
En yagala enhi lo
Captu yi baldefur,
En alburo enhi lo
Yi ikalam am muhroua
Ayna lo ohm aln
En os shogahan ruhn


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