Heart pounding,
Mind racing,
Heading with my small branch of peace,
Towards the tavern.

Can it be enough?
Will I be too late,
To repair the bridges I have burned,
Or the wounds I have opened?

My hand trembles at my side,
My knees quiver to stand.
You have become more important to me,
Than I care to admit even to myself.

How do I take back what is done,
When actions can not be erased from time?
Are there words of apology which,
Can replace others spoke in anger?

The journey we took together,
Along the cold and jagged ridges of the sky’s rim,
Were they not enough to bond us,
Beyond such fickle bickering and childish slights?

Tell me before I break,
From the anxiety of awaiting your forgiveness.
Deliver your decisions,
Whether it be my,
or salvation.


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